Our Team

Kierra Parlagreco
Creative Director, Principal
Kierra Parlagreco, founder and creative director, has edited hundreds of broadcast promotions and served as Creative Director for the GEM Awards Gala for more than a decade. As CD of the GEM Awards, Kierra has created scores of unique design elements and dozens of videos celebrating the world’s top luxury brands.
Joe Parlagreco
Director, DP, Principal
Joe Parlagreco, founder/director/executive producer, has directed thousands of hours of live television, designed and developed events for major rock and roll bands—including the Grateful Dead and the Rolling Stones—and helped launch two television networks.
Kelly Harnett
Sound Designer/Mixer
With more than a decade of experience in the sound design arts, Kelly makes all our projects look even better, by making them sound great!
Monika Day
Special Projects
Monika is our go-to person whenever we have too much on our plates. From stylist, to prop master, to casting associate to baby wrangler. Monika's contagious smile and can do attitude really comes in handy when we are bursting at the seams!